Is my cat lonely?

by Kendra
(Fargo, ND)

He went from living with a dog and another human, to just living with me. Recently, he’s started meowing a lot, being overly clingy, and sitting by the front door.

He also pooped outside of the litter box (it was a clean box, and he never does this). I’m home almost all the time except when I’m working (I work 40 hours a week).

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by: Bruce

Yeah, he's probably lonely, but more so...confused. You may consider adopting another cat as a playmate for him. It makes all the difference in the world! Also, the Feliway diffusers can work wonders! Give that a try!

Is my cat lonely
by: Kacy

His life has been upended and he doesn't understand. For now, yes, he is lonely. If this is the new normal, you need to spend much time playing and cuddling, let him know you love him and need him with you. You might want to consider getting him a friend.

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