Is it safe to spay my cat if she has a fungus?

by Anonymous

My cat started losing hair in the back of her right ear with redness in that area and a little bit of itchiness. That happened just after she went into her first heat. She is an indoor cat with no other pets in the house.

The vet said it is not a serious kind of fungus as he explained it is not spreading to other parts of her body.

It actually started to appear because of the stress she experienced during heat along with the hormone change, and the heat slows down the healing process.

He suggested doing the surgery as soon as possible. But I am not sure it is safe to do it while we are in the middle of the treatment process.

The vet made it clear he thinks the heat periods are very much delaying the healing. We are almost two weeks in the treatment process with medication and all the stuff.

Should I go with the surgery and of course continue the treatment process or just wait?

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Jan 30, 2019
Call another vet
by: Jim W.

I can't tell you if it's safe, but I can tell you what I'd do.

I'd call a different vet, tell them the situation and ask if they'd recommend spaying or waiting. If they can't give you an answer without first seeing your cat, you could take your cat for a second opinion.

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