Is it possible for neutered male to impregnate female cat?

by Lynn
(New York)

I had a male feral type cat I befriended about a year ago. I had his shots and neutering done in March, and put him with an unspayed female.

She just had a litter of kittens and the timing is right on for when they were put together.

Should I take the cat to another vet and let him check to see if he was fixed? I do not think this could happen. I have been going to my animal clinic for many years and have put my trust in them.

What do you think I should do?? Now I have to worry about finding good homes for them, and worry he has gotten the other female pregnant too, just great!!

Editor's note: Wow, that's a tough one, Lynn. As far as I know, the procedure to neuter a male cat is all or nothing.

They don't do vasectomies on cats as far as I know. The testicles are physically removed, so there's no way that he could impregnate a female.

So, unless they messed up in a big way, he can't be the one.

You might have noticed some behavioral changes in him after the procedure. Usually there is less aggressiveness, less tendency to roam, and a reduction in spraying behavior.

Still, to get some peace of mind, I believe you have two options. First, call the clinic that did the work and ask them to confirm. Second, you could simply call another vet's office and tell them the situation and ask them how much they would charge to check for you.

I wish you luck! Please let us know what happens.

P.S. If there's anyone with any input on this, please speak up. I have not run into this situation before, so I think we could all benefit from someone with experience. Thanks!

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Mar 15, 2023
Yes, male cats still have sperm in their tubes after being neutered
by: Anonymous

Yes, male cats will still have sperm in their tubes for a few weeks after being neutered so they can still reproduce. I had several neutered & was told this by multiple people at a couple different vet offices and a cat rescue that works closely with the vets offices. I was told the time varies but could be up to 2-6 weeks for them to still be able to impregnate. I'm hoping 2 weeks since I've had a feral female in my room for 6 weeks but have to bring a male in Thursday night for his follow-up appointment for an ear infection they treated when they neutered him. She escaped once for a couple days so she may already be pregnant but I hope not. You should get the female fixed. I'm trying but cannot get her in a crate to take her. The 24th will be my 4th attempt to get her fixed.

May 06, 2018
by: Allykat

I just got my cat skips fixed and the vet told me he still has sperm and one "last shot" to knock females up so needless to say he is locked back up but yes they can still get them pregnant if you had them together shortly after getting him fixed. If you seen him mounting her after the surgery, then it was definitely him since he still has one shot left. I wasn't in the room when the vet had said this, the person I was with was so I let skips out as soon as we got home and he was instantly trying to knock up my females. So he got locked back up. Which is then when I was informed on what the vet had said. He said a week, and I might do almost two weeks just to be safe. Hope you find homes. Humane society will take them if you explain that they're reproducing and you can't afford it. I was able to bring two in every Tuesday. Just explain the situation especially since yours is fixed now. Best of luck!

Feb 13, 2018
by: Newman

I got my male cat chopped and I had isolated him from my females for about a week... He still knocked up my female. He didn't come into my house until after he was fixed so the answer is yes, neutered males can most definitely impregnate an unfixed female..... Now I have two kittens on the way due at the end of February.

Feb 06, 2016
Neutered male
by: Anonymous

It takes about a week for testosterone and sperm to clear a neutered male. To be safe say 2 weeks. Did you put them together right after the surgery? If so, oops!

May 26, 2012
Thanks David!
by: Kurt (Admin)

That's interesting, David.

I've heard that it's possible to do a vasectomy on small animals, but I hadn't heard of anyone (until now) having the procedure done on their cat. You've got me curious about how much patient education is going on, though, since behavior changes are usually touted as a benefit of neutering.

Thanks for the scoop!

May 26, 2012
RE: Vasectomies for cats
by: David (Spots)

Just to update you Kurt, they can perform vasectomies on cats and dogs. They did one on our male Bengal, Benjamin, over a decade ago. It was also around the time they started advertising "neuticals" for dogs! Seems some owners were concerned about certain dogs losing their "self esteem".

We did not ask for this procedure - and it is usually more expensive than "cut and run" but I can only assume since he was a purebred we would want a vasectomy. Might have had something to do with keeping his hormones intact while basically sterilizing him. He still had the urge to mate, but supposedly "shooting blanks." But we also know that humans can sometimes father a child as a woman with her tubes tied can conceive.

As for mama cat, I would suggest she also be spayed. If not, she can and will "spray" to attract a mate (saw this on "My Cat From Hell") and cause neighboring males to do the same on the outside of the doors. The older she gets, the more prone she will be to uteran cancer and other "female" disorders.

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