Is it normal for a cat's personality to change after an injury?

by Joud
(San Diego, CA)

So my cat injured her wrist by jumping off the balcony a little over 2 months ago. I got her checked by a vet and the x-rays showed a partially dislocated wrist. Was prescribed pain killers and told to decrease her movement for 4 to 6 weeks.

I have seen major improvement in terms of using her wrist since then. However, it seems like her personality has changed, a little. She seems completely normal to other people but to me I sense a change.

She's always been a very smart and for the most part well-behaved cat, but she was also a bit mischievous (demanding food by knocking stuff off the counter, jumping where she's not supposed to... etc).

Those things seem to have diminished. She seems calmer, less adventurous so to speak. She will still play when I play with her and accept petting and even ask for it sometimes. It just seems like something is a little different.

Could this be due to the trauma she faced? Is she just more cautious now after having been hurt? Or am I just imagining all this because I feel bad for her?
Thank you!

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kittie personality
by: Matt

I think that their personalities can change after an injury or a serious illness. My kitty named Missy Moo was a very aggressive cat that would attack any kitty entering her domain was seriously ill and I almost lost her. (still not 100% sure why) After her near death experience she has a friend (little tiger) who she is quite lonely without and she rarely acts aggressively to the other cats.

Personalities can change
by: Sally F.

After a trauma, it's possible that a cat's personality can change. It's not unheard of. It could be she's a little less bold and more cautious right now, or it could be a more lasting change. Time will tell.

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