I gave away my cat to a stranger I met online. Does she miss me?

by Anonymous

One day I had to give away my cat called Marshi. Marshi used to love me a lot. She always slept with me and always followed me.

One day, unfortunately, I had to let her go. As I went to the stranger's car, I held her while her claws were deep in my chest. She didn't want to leave.

When I put her in the car, she looked out the window and kept staring at me and meowing and till this day I miss her so, so much. I think that was about two years ago.

I really miss her and I don't want her to be sad so in a way, I don't want her to miss me so she wouldn't feel pain.

But can someone tell me if cats that you have such a strong relationship with will miss you even after a long time?

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Does my cat miss me
by: Anonymous

I think cats don't miss people after a while BUT I believe they would recognize you after a long time. I watch a lot of programmes about people who interact with animals and there was this one lady who raised a lion cub which was subsequently moved to another zoo or such. Lady went to visit years later and the lion came straight to the fence rubbing itself all over the bars and hugging the woman.
My cat did NOT eat while we were away - I believe he was pining for us. He is a bit strange in that he will only start eating once one of us accompanies him into the kitchen.
So it will 'move on' but you will have a special place in his/her heart :)

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