How will my death affect my cat?

by Anonymous

I rescued my cat from a shelter 6 years ago. She lived alone with my husband and me until 6 months ago when I had to move into my daughter's home with her two grown cats and dog. The cats are all female indoor.

I have approximately 6 months to live and I'm wondering how to prepare my cat. So far she and the other cats just hiss in passing. My cat stays in our room alone with me most of the time. She is not grooming as well as before and seems listless. She licks her paws, yawns, andd stares at nothing.

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Ask your daughter to help
by: Jolie66

I'm sorry about your prognosis.:( As for your cat, I think now is a good time to ask your daughter to help acclimate your cat to her new environment, and to play with her and help feed her. That way, when the time has come, she won't be as traumatized that her mom is gone. She will miss you, but hopefully she will be able to get used to things before you leave. Separation and gradual introduction/interaction of a new cat to a household is the best way to get them used to each other. Since they are territorial, they may see the new cat as a threat. Good luck!!

She may come around
by: Jim W.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like your cat has found security in your room, which is good. Did you introduce your cat to the other cats and the dog slowly? Or did you let them interact as soon as you moved in?

If the introduction was too quick, this can cause the behavior issues you're seeing. You might want to try a re-introduction to the other animals in the house. Keep them separated for a while, then let them slowly get used to each other.

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