How to tell if two adult male cats are friends?

by Anonymous

How do you tell if two adult male cats are friends or if one is dominant? We have a 2-year-old male tabby cat as our outdoor pet since past year.

He came to us and we took care of his injuries, fed him, vaccinated him etc. He is super friendly and basically lives in our backyard porch.

Now, suddenly we see a new male cat paying him visits. This new white cat is feral and very reserved and scared of us.

He runs away if we open the door or make any noise, but comes back to meet with our tabby few times a day. He even eats our tabby's food from the tray and all this while our cat is sitting right there.

The thing is, we can't seem to figure out if he is friendly with our tabby or if our cat is scared of him. Our cat never hisses when the new cat comes to him but neither do they seem to be playing with each other.

He just sits or lies down a bit afar, while this new cat eats the food from his tray. It doesn't seem like our tabby goes out to look for him. So far it seems only one sided from the new cat.

We don't mind taking care of another cat but only if its friendly to our existing tabby. How do we figure this out and how to proceed if it's not friendly?

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If they're not friends, they fight
by: Jim W.

Usually, if two outside cats are not friendly, you'll know it because they'll fight. They may stare each other down and yell at each other rather than actually fighting, but you'll notice some hostility.

Even if they are friendly, though, there is a pecking order, which they'll have to work out. I'd be concerned about the new cat bringing fleas and diseases, even if there is no fighting.

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