How to stop cat from hissing at new cats?

by Yliah Stuart-Serrano
(Fresno, CA)

My cat, about 6 months old, has been non-stop hissing and growling after we got new cats. How can we stop this?

I recently adopted a Mom cat and her kitten (5-7 weeks old). My other cat (6 months) is not taking it so well. We have the cats separated, but when she hears the other cats cry she still gets angry.

It’s so bad I’m too scared to pet her in fear of her lashing out at me. Can I make this stop? What can I do?

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Keep them separated and give it time
by: James Holden

It takes time and there will be hissing and growling. There may even be some physical contact when you finally bring them together. If you do things correctly and slowly, it should subside.

For now, keep them separated. Feed them at the same times, separated by the door. It can take weeks sometimes before things calm down enough to have a face-to-face with the new cats.

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