How to move an outdoor ONLY cat?

by V S
(Abbeville, SC, USA)

We are moving VERY SOON, and I was wondering if there was a way to move our outdoor only cat with us. We are moving approximately 1 mile down the road.

Our cat, Stick, is about 1.5 years old (she was a feral cat who adopted us out of the blue one day).

The house we are moving to has two very large cats nearby. Where Stick currently is, there are lots of cats, but they have all come to an agreement about their territories.

Due to allergies from both me and my husband, it is imperative that the cat stay outside. However our new house has no garage, shed, or other shelter that we could keep her in to accommodate the move.

Has anyone had experience on literally just taking a cat from one home to another and having it work out without keeping her inside?

My neighbor currently feeds a lot of the other neighborhood cats, but I am not sure if Stick would go anywhere else for food since she greets us at our door each morning and when we get home she runs out to our cars.

Thank you!

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He may return to the old place
by: Kurt (Admin)

Cats are territorial, and it's possible your cat may return to his old stomping grounds. Years ago, a former coworker of mine had that exact experience.

His cat decided to go back to the old neighborhood after he moved. Luckily, a former neighbor was able to spot his cat and he got him back, but he was gone for several months.

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