How to help my special needs cat?

by Amber

I have a 2 1/2 year old cat with epilepsy. I am working with my vet to get her long history of full body attacks under control with meds.

Although that is fantastic, I feel my baby has lost confidence in herself. She on longer is an "up high" cat.

Normally she likes to sleep on the backs of chairs or on top of the highest surface in the room she can get to, but she often has attacks while in the high up places.

I know this means she can get hurt (as I have taken her to the emergency vet in the past from falling). Since she falls and gets hurt from her attacks, she no longer even tries to be up high and own her space. I am upset by this, but am unsure how to help her regain trust in herself.

I am planning on making a "cat highway" for her that will have a netting to catch her/keep her from falling too far. Does anyone have any tips on how I can help my baby?

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