How to get orphan kitten to latch new foster mum's teet?

by Carly
(Sydney, Australia)

HELP! I have a mother, Hilda with kittens. They are 10 days old. They are all fine. We just found a lost 5-day-old kitten and are trying to get her to join Hilda's family. Hilda has accepted her well.

The problem is the 5-day-old, Gillian, is trying desperately to feed but can't latch onto Hilda's nipple! What do I do?

I need any tips on how to get her to latch. I've already tried putting her on the nipple, holding her head on it. She just freaks out and squeals. She keeps squealing and pushing herself around trying to find food. I have formula as back up already.

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Possible she's not spayed
by: Jim W.


It's possible she's not spayed, but if you got her from a shelter, that would be uncommon (unless they left her an ovary). Look for signs of heat (some cats can go into heat pretty early).

Then again, he may just be displaying dominance as she gets older and more bold.


You may have to just use formula for this kitten. I wish I had more to add. Good luck!

How to get cat from biting kitten
by: Ellyb

Hi, I adopted two cats 3 months ago. The kitten is much smaller-6 pounds than the 3 year old. The 3 year old was very accommodating with the kitten. He will now sit and watch her as she plays or bathes and start getting upset (tail Wagging). Then, he'll jump down and start to bite her on her neck. This just started. Is it possible she isn't spayed as we were told? Could he have some other type of problem?
Any ideas are needed.
Thanks, Ellyb

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