How to get adult cat adjusted to new home / litter box use

by Sam
(Dallas, GA)

I adopted 2 cats Saturday as a bonded pair. One of the 2 is already adjusting. She explores the house and lets me pet her (occasionally). She’s been aggressive and hisses and swats at me.

The other has stayed under my box spring since we brought them in. I only see them at night when I get up to use the bathroom. My question is, is there any way I can make her more comfortable so she’ll adjust and begin to trust me?

When I try to pet her she just meows and kinda curls up. She doesn’t show any aggression, just fear/anxiety. I just want them to feel at home.

They also won’t use the litter box. They keep pooping in my bathtub and peeing wherever. Any advice is welcome.

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Smaller spaces
by: Sally F.

Having a bonded pair should help. If you can get one to use the box, the other should follow.

I find that keeping them in a smaller space helps them adjust more quickly, so keep them confined to one room at first with the litter box in there. In your case, that means placing a litter box in your bedroom for at least a few days, but sometimes, that's what it takes.

Once they take ownership of that small territory, you can let them explore the rest of the house. In the meantime, I would use feathery toys or wand toys to play with them. That way, you can let her stay under the bed and play until she's ready to come out.

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