How to deal with an angry cat?

by Mona

My grandson had this cat for about a month or so. She had a litter of kittens and they found homes for them after 10 weeks. I took her and had her spayed and got her updated shots.

She was an angel on the way home. But when I got her home, for about 10 minutes she was fine, up until she must have smelled the scent of my own cat, and starting growling and hissing!

Now I can't even get near her without her wanting to attack me. She is in a large cage, and secure. I want her to earn my trust. I hate to have to give her up. But I may have to if this continues.

I so far have been rejected by some shelters and in a real quandary as what to do aside from making her an outdoor cat.

Can anyone give me any suggestions as to why she is acting like this?

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Put her in her own space
by: Sally F.

She needs to feel safe. Put her in her own room until she gets comfortable there. Then introduce her to your other cat. Patience, time, and separation from your other cat should help. Good luck!

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