How to check my cat’s incision after spaying?

by Irina

Our cat, Masha was spayed this Monday morning. She is fine and doing well. I want to check her wound, but I don’t know how to approach her as she is not sitting still.

Also, she has a cat-size-onesie on that was put on by her doctor to prevent her from licking the wound (standard practice here in Belgium).

We are supposed to take the onesie off after 10 days. So for me to check her wound, I need to pull her onesie up, and then put it back.

I want to check her wound today, but I don't want to traumatize her further. She is 6 months old and with us from month 3. She is very socialized with is now, but she is most definitely not staying still for me to check her.

BTW, she eats since day one, and drinks water. I boiled a chicken so she drinks the chicken bouillon (her favorite). She goes to the toilet, moves around, and overall looks good. Any advice is welcome.

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Nov 21, 2018
by: Kurt (Admin)

It may help to wait until she's sleepy. It also helps to have a second person hold the cat in these situations. Is there anyone who can help you by holding her gently?

If that's not possible or she still won't sit still, try to get her to lie down or sit and use treats or a favorite toy to distract her.

One more option would be to quickly and very carefully cut a small hole in the front of the onesie. See if that allows you to see the wound.

Depending on where you cut it, you may need a flashlight. I would not try this one if she's moving around too much as there is a risk of injury. I would pull the material away from her fur before cutting it. Good luck!

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