How should I approach my kitten?

by Will

I have two kittens that are 11 months. The first one is becoming very affectionate and likes to be petted and lay on our laps. He is super friendly and has almost stopped being nervous around the family and other visitors.

The other one however is acting in a way that makes me unsure of how I should approach her. She seems to like the idea of petting and definitely likes being around me and my family.

She will approach me and start purring and smell me. However if I move my body or say something she backs away and looks scared. Two seconds later she is back and the process repeats itself.

She also seems interested in laying on my legs but can’t seem to relax and always ends up sleeping a few inches away from me.

I can pet her a few seconds before she moves away and then she wants me to pet her again. She can also attack my legs and arms but not in very aggressive way (of course it still hurts). She never hisses or growls at me or the family.

Overall she seems to trust us yet acts so unsure and scared.

Any idea on how I should approach this?

Sorry for the long text and bad English.


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She's doing pretty well
by: Henry Schein

It sounds like she's a skittish cat that is doing pretty well to get more comfortable with people. Treats are always a good tool for getting cats to become more comfortable and affectionate toward humans. Find out what kind of cat treats she likes and use them (occasionally) to get her to stick around longer when you pet her. See if she gets more comfortable with you.

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