How much does a kitten's first vet visit usually cost?

by Brittany

I’m probably getting a kitten from a friend whose cat had an accidental litter. I know that on the first visit they need their vaccinations, feline leukemia test, and probably an upper respiratory test and general exam.

I know each vet is different but no vet in my area can get me an accurate estimate over the phone so I’m just looking for a ballpark estimate of how much the first visit will run me.

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Kitten's first vet visit
by: Randy

In Northeast Ohio it's around $100, give or take a little, but the kitten has to go 2-3 times. They can't give all the shots and stuff at one time.

After the first few visits are taken care of, once a year check-ups are fine unless the kitty has an urgent problem.

About $200 or more
by: Kurt (Admin)

My current vet charged me about $200 for the first visit including the exam, shots, and testing, but my cat was not a young kitten when he found me, so he didn't go through the typical kitten vaccination series.

Kittens not coming from a breeder typically need vaccinations and possibly deworming on a schedule, starting at about 6 weeks and continuing up to 20 weeks (different vets have different schedules for this). The total cost of that can be upwards of a couple of hundred U.S. dollars. Some of those costs overlap the $200 I mentioned.

You may be able to find a veterinarian or organization that does low-cost vaccination clinics in your area. That could save you some money on shots and testing.

For example, you can see the regular and low-cost clinic costs offered by Mar Vista Animal Medical Center in Los Angeles by clicking here. Their Sunday clinic pricing is cheaper than their regular Monday through Saturday office visit pricing.

You can check with local rescues, shelters, pet sitters, pet store employees, SPCA, and Humane Society to see if anyone can give you information on saving some money on the vaccinations.

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