How long does maternal cat aggression last?

by Lejla
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

My nice and well behaved Siamese delivered her first litter 6 weeks ago. We had a very strong bond. She would sleep with me and I was her favorite human. She trusted me enough to go in labor lying on me, which tells a lot about our relationship.

The first month after the labor everything was perfect. She was bringing me kittens or she would leave me with them alone while she took a nap somewhere quiet. I didn't touch them too much, but they all loved sleeping on me together with mamma.

Two weeks ago when they were all sleeping behind me I turned around to check on them and mamma cat suddenly jumped on my face and started attacking me viciously.

She would not stop, I barely escaped and closed myself in a room. I got some pretty serious injuries all over my body. I called for help and we managed to lock her up. She wouldn't let me near her the next two days, and I somehow managed to get her food inside.

Now she seems to be fine when the kittens are not around. She even comes for pets and sleeps on my lap, but when kittens come near me she gets upset and attacks the same way if I make any suspicious moves.

The biggest problem is that the kittens are very active now and it's hard to keep them in one room. I thought things would get better now that they're bigger, but it only gets worse. Will my cat trust me again? How will she react when the kittens leave in two weeks?

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