How long does it take cats to like each other?

by Deanna Hudson
(Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)



I have two cats. One, Piglet, I got from a friend a year ago. Rome we adopted in January. For the first 5 months, Rome stayed in my room. Piglet would not let him down the stairs.

Finally Rome ventured downstairs and now Piglet stays on a chair under the table and hisses at Rome if he gets too close. She comes out to eat so I'm not worried about her physical health but her mental health. She purrs and licks me when I pet her but I feel sorry for her.

Do I just continue to be patient and she will come around eventually or is there something else I can do? I tried Feliway but that seemed to make Piglet more aggressive.

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Separate and reintroduce slowly
by: Sally F.

It can sometimes take months, but there are steps you can take. A lot of experts say when you have two cats that don't get along well, you should separate them for a time and then reintroduce them slowly. Separating them reduces tensions and allows each cat to become king or queen of its own space. A slow reintroduction allows the cats to accept each other. There is a lot of literature on this process. It's a thing. Good luck!

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