How do I teach a cat to eat wet food?

by Amber
(Central Florida)

I have the worlds best cat. Sorry everybody but I do. He is all black and named Blackberry. My only problem is I got him from the Humane Society when he was four months old (he’s about four years old now). He was only given dry food there.

He is on a normal diet of dry cat food. He doesn’t know how to eat wet cat food!

I’ve watched him eat the dry cat food and he sticks his tongue out and when one sticks to his tongue, that’s what goes into his mouth. He will chew, maybe one time, and swallow.

I gave him canned food once and he seemed to really love it, but he would only lick the juice off of it, he didn’t know how to bite it.

I’ve checked with the vet every year and she said that his teeth are perfect, there’s no problem with his mouth.

He’s at the proper weight, so I know he’s getting all the nutrients that he needs, but I’d like to give him a treat every now and then, of a piece of tuna fish or some canned wet food because he seems to like it. He just doesn’t know how to eat it.

So how do you teach a cat how to eat wet cat food?

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Great idea, I will try this. He loves Temptations treats as well as Aldi’s treats similar to Temptations.
I just know if he would bite something, he would love wet foods.
Thank you again for your help!

Make little treat balls
by: Kurt

It's easier to get a cat to change diets if they've experienced a variety of food types when they're young.

To introduce a cat to wet food:

I would start by taking the wet food and making little treat balls out of it so that it seems more like treats.

If that doesn't work by itself, I would try using a dry treat that your cat likes (many cats can't resist Temptations treats) and serving it with some of the wet food on it.

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