How do I stop my cat from trying to go outside?

by Evelina

I need some advice with our cat. She's a stray that one day showed up in our house and just decided to stay. She stays in the house a lot, but every so often she likes to go outside and do her cat things.

Everything was fine with that until we moved to an apartment. She meows every morning or sometimes all night long because she wants to go outside.

We live on the 4th floor which might confuse her and sometimes even I get lost in the halls. I really need help with this. How do we help her adapt to the fact that she can't go outside anymore?

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Indoor cat
by: Kacy

My problem is the opposite. I have an indoor cat who has decided to answer the call of the wild. This time, he's been gone a month (so far). Neighbors tell me of sitings, so I know he's ok. Just, not mine anymore, I guess.

This may help
by: Kurt (Admin)

Here's an article on the subject that may help. It includes suggestions such as taking your cat for scheduled walks on a leash, rewarding only desired behaviors, adding indoor enrichment, and teaching your cat new tricks.

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