How do I stop my cat from playfully biting me?

by Anonymous

Please help me stop my cat from playfully biting me. My male tabby cat is about one year old and he is neutered. He is strictly indoors, but he has a very active, outgoing, and curious personality.

I've tried to satisfy this to the best of my current ability by buying him a new hand toy (one that I can move around and play with him) every other week. It's been kind of expensive, but he gets so bored.

I blame his boredom for his playful biting. When I go up the stairs or am in the hall upstairs, he often becomes instantly playful and attacks me. He hides and waits for me to come out of the bathroom or go up the stairs in order to pounce and chomp on my legs.

I know I'm supposed to be calm and not do anything, but his bites really hurt! So I pull away and spray him with a spray bottle and even have to pry him off me sometimes.

It remains completely playful for him, I can tell, but for me, I just get so frustrated and hurt. He rarely breaks my skin but he won't stop biting me until I spray him.

I've tried clapping at him, blowing in his face, pushing myself further into his teeth (OUCH) and holding still and waiting for him to get bored.

Spraying him is the only thing that works, but I often fear going up the stairs. My biggest concern is if I have a roommate and he does this same thing to them. I also hate being angry with him.

I play with him daily for at least 15 mins (I set the clock). He has a climbing tower, a tunnel, boxes, toys to play with on his own, and interactive toys.

I try to make playtime really fun and even use catnip to help him play with older toys so I'm not having to buy new ones so often, but with no luck.

Sometimes he tires out playing with the toys, but often he just doesn't care so much. I hide the toy behind his boxes and he chases it, then I move it out of the way and throw it on the chair, and we continue like that for 15 mins.

I need the biting to stop. I feel like it's my fault but I'm really trying my best.

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Cat scratch
by: Anonymous

My cat does the same thing. I understantd she is playful and I get her toys amd play with her. When I brush her, she thinks I'm playing and she scratches my hand and bites at the brush. In the morning she jumps on the bed to get us up to play with her too early in the morning.
You may be right about getting a playmate. However, I can only handle one. Will she grow out of it?

Another cat
by: Sally F.

Sometimes getting another cat around the same age will take the focus off of you. Alternatively, you can increase play session time and frequency, and use clicker training, food, or other behavior modification techniques to reward non-biting behavior.

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