How do I know if my cat is in pain?

by Kathy

This was a couple of weeks ago, still growing

This was a couple of weeks ago, still growing

My 16 year old cat has a large growing tumor next to her nose. It's actually pushing one nostril closed. The vet says it's most likely cancer. She has given me pain meds to give her when I think she might need them.

So far, my cat is still eating, drinking, exploring and cuddly. She is very vocal when she wants food. I think she stopped eating hard food because it doesn't feel good, so give her a couple of tablespoons of soft four times a day.

To me, she just looks like she must be miserable. I don't want her to be. Any advice? My first cat, came to our house six months ago after my mom passed away.

Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear your cat is sick. Cats are good at hiding pain, but there are signs, such as facial expressions, ear position, vocalizations, certain behaviors, or a change in behavior. Here are some signs to look for.

To determine if your cat is in acute pain, your vet should be able to use the feline grimace scale to evaluate facial expressions, such as in these diagrams of a cat's face.

Ultimately, you'll have to keep watch, and get your vet's guidance on how to evaluate how she's doing. I hope that helps and I wish your kitty the best.

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