How do I keep my kitten from getting fat?

by Maria

I just got a new kitten and I am noticing that his belly is getting a little big. We already have a two-year-old cat and we feed her open bowl because she only eats little bits at a time when she is hungry.

I feel like leaving the food in the bowl at all times is making the kitten eat more than he should. How do I keep the kitten healthy while making sure my older cat is getting the food she needs as well?

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Fat Kitty
by: Ellyb

Hi, Is your kitten getting heavier all over or just in his tummy? He could have worms and that is causing the bulging belly.

Kitten food and feeding stations
by: Kurt (Admin)

You can get your vet's opinion on how to handle this, but I believe most vets would tell you to put your kitten on kitten food rather than food for adult cats. To support a growing kitten's needs, commercial kitten food typically has a higher calorie/nutrition content than the same weight of food for adult cats.

That means you need two different diets, one for your kitten, and one for your adult cat. This is harder when you have free choice feeding instead of set meal times.

Free choice feeding has its problems, especially with multiple cats in the house with different diets. One way to get around this and feed the cats different diets is to set up a feeding room or station with restricted access.

You can restrict access to the area using an electronic pet door with a sensor, like this one from Amazon.

Feeding cat
by: Anonymous

What's her, his diet?? Canned food, dry??
Unless she/he is eating something other than cat food??
Take her/him to vets to find out.

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