How can I keep Mumbles from soiling outside the litter box?

by Anonymous

I have an "outcast" cat. Mumbles was adopted first with an unknown history. She is very loving but on occasion defecates inside of the apartment on wood floors or carpet.

I have five cats with two litter boxes on the lanai. I am home with them all the time and litter boxes are scooped as soon as any of them use it.

I also have a “bully” who sometimes will go after M. All the others get along fine. I’ve read that with an outcast cat, it may be best to re-home them, but I cannot bring myself to part with my eldest "child."

I adore her and want to find a solution. Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks.

My thoughts: I'm sorry to hear your cat is having troubles. I'm glad you don't want to give her up because of this issue.

Have you tried adding an additional litter box in a different part of the house? I'm basing this suggestion on a few assumptions:

1. Mumbles is healthy and this is not something caused by a medical condition.

2. Mumbles is being intimidated by your other cat. We often call this box guarding, but it doesn't have to be plainly obvious or direct. The possibility of being intimidated while using the litter box, or going to and from the box, may be enough.

3. The current litter boxes are both in the same area, or have limited entry/exit points and having one in another location might help give your cat options.

You might also try using Feliway to see if that helps calm the aggression. One last suggestion would be to work with both of the cats and have daily treat time, play time, and affection time together so they have positive experiences in each other's presence.

Please let us know what works in your house.

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