How can I help my senior kitty get over his separation anxiety?

by Anonymous

I recently got a camera that sends notifications to my cell when there is sound detected at my house while I'm away. I was shocked to discover that my senior kitty (age 16) starts yowling soon after I leave and continues to walk around the house meowing pitifully at various points throughout the day. He almost never makes a sound when I am there!

I've heard that it's common for kitties to get more clingy to their owner as they get older. My question is, what should I do about it short of quitting my job and never going out? Should I talk to him over the camera or will this just stress him out (or make him dependent on hearing my voice)?

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Kitty needs a friend
by: Randy

My cat was super lonely before I got him a girlfriend. He would stare at the door for hours when I left. And meet me at the door, meowing loudly when I returned. Got a cute little tortoiseshell kitty about the same age to keep him company.

Took a few months for them to like each other, but now they are inseparable. I come home and they either meet me or are crashed out somewhere and too lazy to get up.

So I would definitely try getting him a friend. Most people will agree to take the cat back if they don't get along. Give it a shot. You don't have anything to lose and everything for your cat to gain.

You'll have to try different things
by: Jim W.

I would try talking to him through the camera and see what happens. Some senior cats get confused and will yowl, although that usually happens whether you're around or not.

Try this:

On your days off from work, leave for a short period. Come home and spend a few minutes with him, then leave for a longer period of time. Repeat this process, increasing the amount of time you spend out of the house each time. Observe him each time and see at what point he starts his behavior.

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