Hendrix, The British Shorthair

by Annabelle

This is 6 month old Hendrix. He is a Cinnamon color British Shorthair with amazing golden copper eyes and the cutest pink paw beans. He is such an affectionate, laid-back and playful boy. He doesn’t mind being picked up and cuddled (he also hasn’t got much choice ) but he does prefer all 4 paws firmly planted on the ground!

He follows me around the house and prefers to always be by my side or at least in the same room as me. He loves everyone he meets and is very sociable!

He doesn’t vocalize much unless he is asking for something specifically, e.g. waking me up in the morning for food and opening a door for him.

I have owned British Shorthairs all my life. I’ve had two blues, two silver spotted and one silver striped, and now have wonderful Hendrix the cinnamon, and there’s a reason why I constantly go back to them!

They are such wonderful cats and companions and really bring joy to the family.

He’s even got a small following on Instagram at @hendrixthebsh

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May 22, 2018
Brit Boy
by: Anonymous

Hendrix is simply a beautiful cinnamon boy and certainly inspires my interest in getting a brethren British shorthair.

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