Help with 2 neutered spraying cats and a pregnant cat

by Cj

I have two male cats who just turned a year old. I just got them both neutered two days ago. I wish I would have done it sooner but I did not have the money for both of them until now.

I noticed them spraying about 4 months ago so I put them out on my enclosed porch. They would escape occasionally when my kids would go outside to play.

My pregnant cat is due in about 2 weeks and is very used to the two boys, almost like brothers and sister. The day of surgery the boys still try to hump each other which I was quite surprised seeing how they just had surgery. But the brothers have always done this to each other since they were young!

I have been keeping them both in my son's room with their own litter box and food and water. But it smells so bad in there as if they've been spraying all over the place. I know it will take some time for the hormones to relax some, and I know that spraying is still a possibility.

But my problem is, they still try to mate with my pregnant cat and have bitten her neck and torn the hair out. The last thing I want is for her to be stressed out especially when she's about to give birth in a couple weeks and I've made about five nesting boxes for her, so she takes priority right now.

But how do I work with my cats on spraying if I can't let them out around the house because
of her? And I don't want to keep them in the room but they can't go outside yet, so I don't know how this is going to work.

Basically, the boys are in the room and it smells horrible. When I did let them out a little bit yesterday, they started trying to mate with my pregnant cat, so I put them back.

I don't know what to do because after she has the kittens, naturally all my focus and attention will be on her and the babies for a while. Keeping the two boys in the room doesn't seem really fair, but I'm worried about what they will do to the babies and her. Even though they've always gotten along, they are definitely typical tomcats, and want to dominate each other.

If they continue to spray, I'd prefer for them to be outdoor cats, but they really want to come inside a lot. I hate turning them away and keeping them on the porch. They're really lovey and love affection.

Is there a good approach to this situation? Everything would be fine if they wouldn't spray, and if I didn't have to worry about them bullying my female.

They get along, until they try to hump her and bite her neck. I honestly didn't know they'd still do that to a pregnant cat. And yes, she's getting spayed as soon as she's able to! The kittens have homes, so this is a positive experience.

I just want to have a clean smelling home, have healthy kittens, and everyone get along, but the timing of everything is terrible.

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The hormones will subside and they will calm down
by: Sally F.

As the hormone levels come down, their need to dominate should become less, and hopefully, they'll stop spraying and bullying.

If you want to let them out of the room, you could put her in there while they are out in the rest of the house. Or, you could put her in a different room while they're out in the rest of the house.

Usually, though, after surgery, you want to limit your cat's activities, and it's probably best to keep the boys in one room if possible while they recover. Easier said than done, I know.

I'm not sure if that helps, but the only thing I know to do from what you describe is either a juggling act or keep them all in separate rooms. Mama cats love to move their babies, so you'll probably see some of that after she gives birth, too.

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