Help for an abandoned grey-blue dwarf kitten

by Retired Pediatric Nurse
(Sonoran Desert, USA)

Help for an abandoned grey-blue dwarf kitten... seeking best doable suggestions...

This is my very first blogged question ever... so please be gentle in your responses.

Before I begin a really condensed tale of my story, I realize I am stepping into a minefield filled with questionable terms and ethical dilemmas.

No matter where I have lived or what else was going on in my life, I have fed abandoned cats for many years... almost 40 years now.

I am a retired pediatric nurse who has been checking-in on a family of cats for 3 years now. I basically only need to feed/water the family nightly.

The newest generation has me concerned for a dwarf grey-blue kitten that is now 5 months old. As her sisters have passed her in height and weight, it has become obvious to me that this is a very unique cat.

She has not received a blood test yet, but does appear otherwise surprisingly healthy and happy... one reason why I have put the test off.

She weighs 7 ounces and is approximately 6 inches from nose to bottom (not including tail). She feeds well moist kitten mix I've been making for many years.

My immediate concern is what is the best doable plan for this little girl so that she never ever experiences abuse in her life.

I have already taken into my home her Aunt and Uncle. My community does have a Humane Society, but there is a required $25 deposit. Aside from the cost, I do not trust them to find her a proper home or to 'catch and release' her.

Any animal welfare organization that demands money up front concerns me greatly, even though I do understand their reasoning. There are a few nearby shelters that offer a variety of services... all of which have not accepted any cats for at least the last three years.

Of course, my county will most likely unnecessarily end her life, if someone does not quickly realize how truly special this little lady is.

Someone, anyone... please help me with a suggestion...

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Aug 18, 2012
by: Kurt (Admin)

First, thanks very much for caring so much about the cats, and especially this little kitten, of course.

While I can't promise that this kitten won't ever have a bad experience, I believe that the best chance for finding a loving forever home would be to find one of the following:

1) A true no kill rescue/shelter facility/organization that can take this kitten in and work on finding a forever home for her.


2) A foster home (either through a network, a rescue organization, or word of mouth/Internet) that can take the kitten in temporarily, while efforts to find a home for her are in progress.

One thing that might help is if we had pictures of the kitten. This was mentioned to me on Google Plus after I requested help for your situation. I think it's a good idea.

If you'd like to upload some pictures of the kitten, I can post them and get some additional exposure for this. Pictures tend to spread faster via social media.

You can use the same form you used for your original submission with just minimal info (name, title, text and pictures), and I can take it from there.

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