Friend or Foe?

by Anonymous

I have a neutered male cat, 7 months old. A week and a half ago I got a 5-month-old neutered male cat. Due to an upper respiratory infection/tapeworms/fleas, I had to isolate the new cat and he is still in isolation.

My current cat is at the bedroom door, trilling and rubbing his body agents on the floor and door that leads to the new cat's room. Ever since he saw the new cat, he always runs and head butts the door when he hears the new cat meowing.

Is this aggression or curiosity?

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New Kitties
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other people. My cats were the opposite. They growled, hissed and I had to redo the meetings.
You may want to put a scent item, like a sock or a piece of material and the scents help them get to know each other.
I'd advise taking the greetings securely. They may need short visits at first and then go back in their room. Don't put them together without supervision. It could lead to an aggressive episode.

by: Randy

Sounds to me like he wants to meet the new kitty. For the first few days I would go with supervised visits. If they get along, turn the new kitty loose.

He's curious
by: Sally F.

It sounds like he's curious rather than aggressive.

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