Found pregnant feral cat

by Allison Mercer
(Southport, North Carolina, USA)

We have several feral cats in our neighborhood. One of them started coming to us and we began feeding it. She lets us hold her and hangs around.

We kind of suspected that she was pregnant and by now can definitely tell that she is. We bought an outdoor enclosure so we can vaccinate/spay her and the kittens when they are born.

We already have 2 dogs indoors and she hates the indoors (we tried bringing her upstairs in our room). We were able to set it up and put her in there. She isn't liking it.

Are we doing the right thing? Is the stress of being in an enclosure harmful for her??

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Throw a blanket in
by: Sally F.

Yes, throw a blanket in there.

6 kitten in crawl space
by: Anonymous

A neighborhood stray momma cat had six kittens in a crawlspace under my home, I can open the door to my furnace/ air conditioner and see them 3 feet away. There’s 2 runts on the cold cement and 4 on the carpet. Would it be helpful to throw a blanket in?

by: Allison

Thank you! We moved her enclosure on the porch where she is used to being & last night & during this morning she has had 2 kittens in there. She stopped having them began feeding/resting. Could she have anymore since it's 8pm now & she hasn't had another since 11am?

Give her time
by: Mike

Truly feral cats tend to avoid humans. It's very hard to win their trust. If she lets you hold her without trying to claw your eyes out, she's probably not feral but a stray that has had human contact before.

Some stray cats can get used to being indoors, some can't. While there is some stress on her, being left to fend for herself is more dangerous, and ultimately, more stressful.

You could keep her in her enclosure where she is safe and when she trusts you more, you could slowly try getting her used to be indoors. Good luck!

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