Flecks reflected in cat's pupils?

by Dx
(Montezuma USA)

To try to make a rather long story short, straight to the question: I took a picture of her and happened to notice flecks being reflected in her eyes.

This is not something I've noticed before.

What is it? Health?

Seeing that she suffers from basically, the equivalent of kitty sunburn, and her owners really don't care about her health.

She has fleas, rashes, sunburned ears so bad that the tips have been curling over the years. Me being the mother hen that I am in nature, I've accepted her as one of my own and tended to her issues.

She willingly comes when called, chooses to sleep inside, and even after her oatmeal and chamomile bath, she chooses to sleep next to me. Which is a shock to me! but aaaww. :,)

I give her flea baths (don't trust flea collars on her with her issues and in the past couple months I've stopped doing those to focus on helping ease her skin issues), oatmeal and chamomile baths (sooth the skin and calm her temper), and regular feeding.

She's not 100% the healthiest white cat ever to exist, and I don't have oodles of money to take her to the vet and try to get her all 100% fixed (wish I did, though). However, I try what I can within my means to help her feel better, even if I can't cure her.

She's an inside / outside cat (1 acre enclosed yard).

So... yeah.

She's a white cat with thin fur, rashy skin, dislikes kids and activity, but I've pretty much adopted her, love her, and accept her anyway.

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Mar 25, 2018
by: Anonymous

I've never seen that before. It's hard to tell from the photo, but could that be scarring from an injury? It's odd that it's in both eyes, though.

Given the amount of sun damage you mentioned, I would think cataracts would be a possibility, but I'm not sure if flecks in the pupils like that are a symptom. I hate to say it, but it sounds like this cat needs to see a vet.

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