Feral kittens meowing a lot?

by Rebecca
(Fairfield, California, United States)

My mostly feral cat has already had one batch of kittens. We did not know of their existence until they were at least five weeks old.

We found them by accident and they were never meowing ever. Unfortunately, it was too late and they just disappeared when we were about to give them homes. They lived outside.

She got pregnant again before we could get her fixed and she had her kittens three weeks ago. We plan on being able to tame these by visiting them when they are young and we plan on finding them under our neighbor's deck tomorrow.

The weird thing is, it doesn’t seem like she is spending as much time with them this time around. For the past week they have been ALWAYS meowing.

At first we thought that they were only doing this when they were being fed, but they meowed for two hours today and Mom was just hanging out in our front yard. They keep meowing more and more, and Mom doesn’t seem to go feed them very often and only for very short periods of time.

We haven’t even seen the kittens. They are in our neighbor's yard and no one has been out there yet. Could it be that the mom is not feeding them enough? Should we take them in?

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Sep 30, 2018
kittens meowing
by: Detty

I fully agree with Sally F. I would take them in until they are old enough to find homes for. I did this once under the same situation.

Sep 29, 2018
She's probably not taking good care of them
by: Sally F.

It sounds like she's not taking care of them well. She may not be feeding them enough. I would do whatever it takes to make sure they're safe and healthy, and get her spayed ASAP!

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