Falls asleep on lap then gets up and moves

by Ester

My kitten is very affectionate. She frequently comes over to me for loving and cuddles, then she falls asleep on my lap or chest.

What I don't understand is that after 5-15 minutes, she gets up and moves over to sleep on the couch/bed next to me. She does that pretty much every time, even if I'm completely still and not moving.

I don't know if she does that because it's so uncomfortable to sleep on me, or is she just feeling too hot? I thought cats love to sleep in warm places, and I don't live in a hot climate or anything.

I would really love for her to just be able to stay sleeping on me. Maybe she'll grow out of it? Or maybe it might get better in winter, lol.

I try to give her kitty treats, too, when she's being very loving and lies down on me to encourage the behavior even more.

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Maybe she's a part-time cuddler
by: Kurt (Admin)

Maybe she only needs that much cuddle time. Each cat is unique, and they often change their behaviors, so she may stay with you longer as she grows. She may do the opposite.

That's one of the things I love about cats. For the most part, they do what they want, and can change their minds at any time.

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