Excessive scratching until bleeding

by Ramarro Smith
(Windsor Mill, MD)

My cat has lost some weight, her coat is shaggy looking and she sheds a lot.

She has begun to scratch herself (rear feet as she has been declawed on front paws) until she has raw bleeding places.

Editor's note: I'm sorry to hear that your cat is not doing well, Ramarro.

Shaggy coat and weight loss can be a sign of a number of illnesses. Some of these also have itchy skin as as sign / symptom.

Skin conditions are common in cats and can have many causes... fungus (ringworm), food allergies, systemic diseases, and more.

Fleas can cause itchy skin (flea allergy dermatitis), and they can also transmit tapeworms which could lead to weight loss and other symptoms.

Is she on any medication? Flea treatment? She could be having a reaction.

If she's losing weight but still eating the same diet in the same amounts and has not increased her exercise level, that may be cause for concern. In older cats, diabetes and kidney disease are common, but these conditions may appear in younger cats as well.

I would get her to the vet as only a professional diagnosis is going to tell you exactly what's wrong. I hope that helps. Please use the comments to leave any feedback or questions.

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