Does my cat look pregnant?

by DeAnna

I just took in a cat a few months back that is about 1 year old. She's not spaded obviously. She used to belong to a family member. Her behavior has changed recently. She's a lot more lovey towards just me. She's on my lap constantly.

She also NEVER lets anyone pet her stomach... not even me until recently. Now she even rolls over so I can access her underside better. She never did this before! She's also more vocal. Meows a lot more. Used to only meow when she wanted something and I could follow her to what she needed. Now, she meows but won't take me anywhere to tell me what it is she needs.

I know to check if her nipples are pinking but to me I really can't tell. I'm not experienced in this area. They look sort of pink but so does the skin color around her nipples. Is it maybe too early to tell?

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I think so!
by: shelby :3

In the picture of her looking off to the side her stomach looks more rounded than usual, I have a 9 week pregnant cat and she looks a lot like mine did around 4 weeks, if she is she definitely isn't past 5 weeks at the most. You can take her to the vet if you want to, they will tell you how many kittens (if she is far enough along) as well as a due date, if you don't want kittens they will spay her, which would end the pregnancy.

Looks pregnant to me.
by: Sally F.

She looks like she could be pregnant, but it's hard to tell.

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