Demon Cat? Not a Joke

by CuriousCatLover

This is very serious and a concern of mine. I know it sounds crazy, but listen to the facts. Over a month ago, a beautiful black stray was being attacked next door by my neighbor's two huge hound dogs. I heard the commotion, but did not get up until a few moments later, and it sounded like the cat was in trouble.

I ran outside to the backyard next door and saw blood from the cat on the dog's mouth. The cat was helplessly swatting them away. I managed to get my neighbor's attention and we pulled the dogs away from the cat.

I then carried the cat to my garage. Seeing as I had two cats, I had food, and was trying to nurse it back to health. But once I reached my garage, the cat then jumped out of my hands and darted off into a direction that I did not see.

After this I tried searching the garage for her and found no sign of her. I sort of gave up after this and a few days passed. I had assumed that she died from her injuries that day or from starvation.

Fast forward about 35 days, and I heard a meowing in the garage. It is important to note my other two cats were wandering the garage as well at this time and I could tell they sensed something was there.

I followed the meowing, opened the tool shed inside the garage, and there was the cat, looking right at me.

She looked perfectly healthy. No blood was on her fur, and she appeared to be completely healed.

Now mind you, I say again, it has been OVER a month. There has been no food hanging around in my garage, or water where she was found. The door to the tool shed she was in was shut closed and there was really no way of getting in and out of there.

After finding her, we immediately gave her water and food but kept her in the tool shed, unsure of what her behavior would be like with my other cats.

She ate a few bites of food and then walked away from it. I placed a water bowl down as well. The next day I checked it, and the food was untouched but the water in the bowl was a bit lower.

I thought today would be a good day
to introduce this cat to my other two cats that I own. Both of my cats ran away instantly when I walked up to them.

This was after I pet the black cat quite a few times because she finally actually ended up being very friendly. Now I know what you might say about cats having my space invaded, but both of my cats are very friendly and lovable.

And when I tell you they ran away in fear, they wouldn't even let me pet them with the scent of the stray cat on me. I checked back in on the stray as she was still in the tool shed, with no urge to come out into the garage.

I left the door wide open. She was still friendly but didn't like me to hold her for too long. I then held one of my cats that I own, again trying to introduce her to the stray. I slowly walked towards the tool shed with my cat in hand, and immediately my cat started groaning and whining.

I only inched a few steps closer towards the stray in the tool shed, but my cat wasn't having it. She jumped out of my hands and ran in the other direction.

Then I grabbed my other cat, and I went fully inside the tool shed. I only did this because she is friendlier than my cat that ran off.

My cat looked the stray in her eyes and hissed. I immediately pulled my cat away and set her down in the garage where she also ran off.

I think it's important to note that only my cats had the violent reaction, NOT the stray. The stray was very aware that both cats were there, and looked them both in the eyes.

She even hopped off the shelf in the tool shed and started to come out more into the garage, but very suddenly decided she didn't want to do this. She ran back into the tool shed, quickly getting back up on the high shelf.

She still did not look afraid, and was still very friendly during this whole thing. It still should be noted that this stray hadn't eaten in over a month until I discovered that she was in that shed all along (for all I know). I'm not sure what to think. Is this as weird to anyone else as it is to me??

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She's not a Demon
by: Jolie66

She's just a sweet cat that likes to be the only cat. Obviously there is another way that she got in and out of the tool shed, in fact I just read today that cats can fit in the same places someone's fist can fit. My cats never liked their new brother or sisters I brought them, and I think it's just because they preferred to be only children. If you don't have a problem keeping her in the tool shed with the door ajar, so as to not make the other cats feel threatened, then why not just keep her and not try to make the other two get along with her? She's better off in that situation than getting beat up on the streets by mean dogs. Good luck!

Demon cat
by: Kacy

I don't think it's unusual at all. First, it's well known that cats can find a way in and out of most anything. Unless your tool shed was set up as a panic room, I'm sure it found it's way, else it would have been dead after 35 days of no food or water. Your other cats' reactions are typical as well. Of course they would resent a newcomer in their territory!

The black cat is apparently feral, or owned by someone else. Don't shut it in, just let it go its merry way. Thank you for saving it from the dogs, but your part's done.

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