Defiant urinating on bed, furniture, etc.

by Lauretta
(San Antonio, TX)

We have three other cats, but this cat, Zeus, has developed a defiant attitude. We have had him for about two years.

He and one of our other cats, (a Female Siamese) are about the same age and love to play together. The other two are older males and don't want to be bothered.

He has been neutered, chipped, and declawed. He seems very happy and plays with the basket we have full of cat toys. He comes running when you call him for a treat, or just to be petted and play. There have been no problems until recently.

They all have shared a giant litter box in the garage which they get to through the cat door in the house. They sleep with us and are with us all day and night in the house. They have a fresh automatic water dish, get snacks during the day, eat well fed prescription cat food, and get a lot of attention.

My husband noticed him urinating in the bathtub while washing his hands. Reprimanded him, cleaned it up, and went on.

He has since jumped up on a bed in one of the guest rooms, urinated on it, then left. I keep the doors closed to these rooms, but he snuck in when I opened the door. He has done the same thing in the other room.

I sometimes get up in the night, can’t sleep, and read in the other room. When I went back to bed, he had urinated all over my side of the bed.

He then started to urinate on my living room chair. We cleaned it, and he did this four times, to where he ruined the chair and we had to replace it.

The worst he has done, my husband and I were talking, he was already in bed and I was standing by the bed and Zeus jumped up on the bed. We happily greeted him. He doesn’t come up there very often. He then proceeded, right in front of us both, to urinate on the bed.

He now is living outdoors with two other of our cats, another one with bad bathroom manners, and a cat we adopted who just showed up and now we adopted him. They are all current on shots, etc.

I hate that I've got Zeus outdoors. He was so happy inside and now sometimes goes to the front of the house and crosses the street which is dangerous.

What can we do? The litter box had just been cleaned on these occasions. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Aug 23, 2020
Pee on bed
by: Randy

Only 1 litter box for all those cats? I'd get 3 or 4 more and see what happens. You should always have at least one more box than cats. 5 cats = 6 coxes.

May 06, 2020
Bring him inside he needs a dr visit
by: Anonymous

Hello ,
I think you need to bring a urine sample to the vet I have a cat that occasionally does this and it is due to either crystals or a UTI infection he is trying to tell you something is wrong.

May 03, 2020
Medical or stress
by: Jim W.

This behavior is often either a medical problem or stress related. If the new cat showed up right before this started, I'd say it could be a response to the new cat. If not, he may have some mild urinary or kidney problems, or something else is stressing him out.

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