Cat with unique intestinal issues

by Ashleigh Kuhl
(Indiana, USA)

We're looking for information on cats with intestinal issues such as IBS, Ulcerative Enteritis, Crohn's, and similar issues!

Our Toby has multiple Gastrointestinal stresses and we have had to have two emergency surgeries to remove a total of 2/3 of his intestines (2 years apart).

We are hoping to reach out to others to find more info on similar situations so we can help Toby and help others like him.

Toby was born anopthalmic (without eyes) but that is unrelated to his condition. He is otherwise "normal", healthy, neutered, FIV/FLV negative, vaccinated, etc.

His flare-up symptoms: Liquid diarrhea, vomiting unproperly digested food (not digested enough for amount of time it's been in his system), vomiting bile, lethargy.

His intestines ulcerate, attack themselves. The walls thicken and ultimately "die off," blocking any nutrients from moving through.

Medications don't help beyond this point and the damage is irreversible. Exploratory surgery is required to cut out the immobile pieces of his intestines then re-attach what's left.

His treatment: Prednisolone daily, canned grain-free diet (Natures Balance Duck and Green Pea). Anti-inflamatories and antibiotics are given as needed.

We recently changed him to canned food (and crumbs) because he is having a harder time digesting solids lately.

Both biopsies (at Purdue) from his intestinal surgeries showed no FIP, Panleuk, Cancer, etc. Cause unknown. My vet has had no other issues like this and we've checked with others and specialists. No other cats with this same issue can be found.

His exploratory surgery in both cases were normal except for the ileo/ceco/colic junction region and the mesenteric lymph node at the second surgery. The rest of his abdomen was normal.

Toby is the only intestinal resection my vet has ever had to do that wasn't for lymphoma or another tumor, or a foreign body.

*If he has another relapse, no further surgery can be done! We need help finding others with the same issues to find better treatments and potential causes!

If you have any pets with these issues or know of any, please contact me. Any advice is deeply appreciated!!
misseskuhl AT

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Jul 20, 2015
Will forward so others can help.
by: Kathy

This cat is in such pain and it looks like a twisted colon to me which does require surgery to remove due to the twisted part died and became necrotic. The owners are looking for others who have cats that suffer from this and can offer empathy, what happened to their cats and how they were able to live with it. Please help.

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