Cat vomiting every two hours?

by Bob
(Los Angeles)

Yesterday my cat was vomiting every two hours or so. If she ate or drank she would throw up. She wasn't lethargic and was playing like normal.

I took her to the vet and all blood work and x-rays were fine. She rested all night after the stress of being at the vet, but this morning she has thrown up a few times again. Could it be a stomach virus or something? Thanks for any advice.

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Mar 28, 2019
by: Morgan

Have you changed her food brands or cat litter brands in the last week? I would start with all new food. If you have dry throw out the old bag. Check that there have been no recalls. You might want to try a food that is easy on the kitty's digestion. Did your vet rule out possibly constipation? I had this happen years ago. Cat kept eating and vomiting to a point where sub fluids had to rehydrate him. The doctor found he had a large stool which he eventually passed. I would also do a checklist of anything new in your household: cleaners, candles, oil diffusers. Cats are very sensitive. Breathing in scents from air fresheners can really make them sick. I hope you are able to find what is causing this and kitty feels better soon.

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