Cat vocalizing, urinating everywhere, and not eating

by Anonymous

My cat has been showing some abnormalities. He is not eating since yesterday and has developed increased vocalization. He is shouting at the top of his voice.

He is a semi-outdoor cat and eats normal food. He has not returned home since this morning. He is 12 months old and has been spraying urine everywhere.

He was breathing with his mouth open last evening and his nose and tongue have turned completely reddish. But this morning I found the color to be normal. Even he was normal, but when I let him out he cried like hell and ran away and has not yet returned till now.

I am very tense regarding what has actually happened. Is it true that he has gone out to mate or is it some other symptoms of physical problems? Please help me out.

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Cat vocalizing, urinating
by: Barbara

If you're having this kind of problem, you should contact Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet. I've watches his show many time because I'm such a cat lover too. He helps people out all the time with their cat problems and how to solve them. He is fantastic with cats.

I would call a vet
by: Jim W.

I'm not a veterinarian, but it sounds like perhaps your cat needs to see one. As far as I know, none of the symptoms you describe have anything to do with a cat that wants to mate.

Open mouth breathing (panting) isn't normal for cats, unless they're giving birth. It can indicate they are over heated, heavily stressed, or having breathing problems (like congestive heart failure).

Behavior changes, such as increased vocalizations, especially very loud vocalizations can indicate pain, illness, or distress.

I would call a vet and get him over there as soon as possible. I wish you good luck with him and hope it's nothing serious.

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