Cat suddenly swatting my hand

by Will
(Westchester, NY)

I have an outdoor/garage cat that I’ve had for the past two years. He suddenly becomes excited (can tell by body language, tail, posture, etc.) when I pet him.

I try to avoid it when he does seem excited. He is fixed. I got him fixed after he showed up.

He will swat my hand and back away a little, so no real claws. I don’t mind except he is a really big boy and it could hurt if he keeps it up.

He recently lost his buddy that lived with him, so maybe he is lonely. Maybe he wants attention?

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Is he depressed?
by: Jim W.

Some cats get depressed when they lose a buddy, so you may be right about needing more attention. He may just want to be left alone to mourn, or he might perk up if you played with him with some toys. It's hard to tell sometimes what's best for them. I would also be worried he might be sick, though. Hope he's doing well.

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