Cat suddenly scared of my boyfriend

by Amy Whyte
(England, London)

One of my cats used to love my boyfriend and would smudge, lick and be fine with him. We live far away from each other so he only comes up every few days or every weekend. After the Covid lockdown, when he came round my cat is suddenly TERRIFIED of him. She will instantly run away out of the house as soon as she sees him or hears his voice. He has never done anything to her, we have tried getting him to give her treats and she just runs away.

Can anybody help? We thought it may be due to not seeing him for a while during lockdown but he comes round every weekend now and no matter what she is still terrified of him and runs away at the sound of his voice or just seeing him.

It breaks our hearts because she used to love him so much and we do not know what has changed! Any help would be really appreciated, thank you!

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Try using a door as a barrier
by: Billy

I'm not sure why this happened, but have you tried using food/treats and toys with you and your cat on one side of a door and your boyfriend on the other? With your boyfriend on the other side of a closed door, you would comfort your cat and offer treats and toys. Your boyfriend could then use some sort of toy to play under the door with your cat. If your cat will engage with him, this might allow her to warm up to him over time.

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