Cat stopped using the litter after surgery (resolved)

by Barb
(Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada)

My cat recently had her tail amputated due to a break.

It was hard to keep an eye on her during recovery, but after her wound healed, she started pooping and peeing on a carpeted mat by my front door.

She wouldn't go near her litter box, despite many attempts by me to re-introduce it to her. I was so stressed! (As was she!)

On the advice of my vet, I purchased Feliway; a natural pheromone, and sprayed it where she was going and around her litter box. (It also has a calming effect).

I then decided to try confinement to a small room with food, water, toys and table by the window and, of course, her litter box.

This was the answer!

She immediately began using the litter box again and has yet to go back to the spot where she went on the floor. I recommend anyone having trouble with this to try confinement, but be sure to make it very cozy with all kitty's needs. :)

My Thoughts: Wow, Barb, that's really great news! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I've often said that if nothing else works, confinement retraining is the way to go.

As you say, you have to make it cozy and give her lots of attention, keep her on an exercise routine, and so on.

And, if she reverts back to her old ways after she's given the run of the house, start over with the confinement.

I hope she's made a full recovery from her surgery. Poor thing!

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