Cat pees too close to box edge and it runs out

by Deanna
(Bethlehem PA)

Trixie is a 4-year-old female spayed cat. She faithfully uses her box. Within the last year, she has begun to pee soo close to the side of the box that it sprays outside on the floor.

I have gotten a bigger box. I have removed the lid, I now put absorbent pads around the box so it doesn’t run on the floor. The box has always been in the same place. She doesn’t squat when she pees she just lifts her tail and it runs out the top of the box. Help!

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Apr 22, 2020
Pee misses box
by: Randy

My male does the same thing. Sometimes likes to put his paw(s) on the edge of the box. Squirts either into the box or sprays the wall. It's amazing how far a male can squirt. LOL

Make sure your box is cleaned at least once a day. Dirty litter could cause your cat to pee/poop outside the box.

I cut a piece of cardboard from an empty 40 lb box of Special Kitty litter. Stuck it in the side of the box where he usually misses. Since the box is against the wall on 2 sides, he doesn't seem to mind. Now when he sprays the cardboard, either he does not like the sound or maybe the backslash, he quits and re-arranges his body so he pees in the box. Problem solved. Just remember to replace the cardboard after your cat pees on it.

Apr 12, 2020
Higher sides.
by: Jim W.

The only solution I've found for this problem is a box with higher sides. A wider box is good in case she's feeling cramped, but since she's still doing it after getting a bigger box, I'd either add to the sides or get a box with higher sides.

You can make a litter box out of a plastic storage bin. They're deeper than litter boxes which gives you the high sides you need. Just cut away an opening on one side to make it easier to get in and out of. There are plenty of examples of this online if you search for them.

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