Cat pees on floor? When she has been going in litter box

I have two cats and they love and play with each other.

Now all of a sudden our youngest cat Gismo is peeing all over the floor.

She was only doing it at night, so we were putting her in a cat pen. We came home one afternoon and we had found pee beside their eating dish and that's were it had started.

Penny Dupont

My Thoughts:

Cats don't normally urinate or defecate where they eat, so peeing next to the food bowl doesn't track. I would suspect a medical problem and get her cleared by the vet.

If it's not a medical problem, then you have to start asking yourself certain questions, like...

Did anything change in the house or in your cat's life right before the problem started?

Is that stress factor now gone, or is it continuing to cause the problem?

Do you have enough litter boxes, the right type of litter, and are the boxes clean enough and in the right location for her?

Are you (or someone else in the house) treating her in a way that increases her stress level and makes the problem worse?

What can I do to decrease her stress level and/or get her back on track (isolation retraining may be a good option)?

Sometimes what you don't see is just as important as what you do see. One of my readers had a cat with a litter box problem and couldn't figure it out.

It turned out that one of her kids was disciplining the cat with a squirt bottle, and that was the stress factor. Removing the squirt bottle removed the problem.

Good luck with her and please let us know how it goes,

Anyone else have any ideas? Please add your comments.

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