Cat peeing outside the litter box on floor

My male, neutered cat (rescue) is probably about two years old. Lately he has started peeing on the floor, probably every four days or so.

At first it was close to his litter box, but this morning it was about 12 feet away from the box.

I don't believe it is a UTI as I suspect it would happen on a more regular basis. Any suggestions?

My Thoughts:

I'm sorry to hear that your kitty isn't using the box consistently. I wouldn't rule out an intermittent UTI (or other medical issue).

He may have an ongoing or recurring infection or other bladder/urinary tract problem that gives him more trouble some times than others.

Some cats develop a preference for urinating in one box and defecating in another, or refusing to urinate in a box that's been used but not cleaned.

If he's now a "box snob" he may urinate in the box, or not, depending upon circumstances.

Ideally, a second box is the answer, and/or constant cleaning of the box(es) so that he can keep his business separate. Automatic litter boxes may help if he requires the box to be cleaned after each use.

If he's got a covered box, try taking the hood off. This is often more of a problem with defecating that urinating, but you never know.

I'm assuming there have been no major changes in his life lately? Changes in the house, addition or removal of family members including pets, changes in schedules and routines are always suspect.

Have there been any changes in box placement or litter brand or type, scented versus unscented, etc.?

Does he seem different? Is he jumpier, more skittish, or more aggressive than usual? Does he seem concerned about patrolling the house more?

Behavior changes can be a red flag for medical problems, or it could be he senses or sees animals outside. It may be worse if he can see the offenders.

I would check for stray cats or the presence of other animal visitors outside the house. Some cats can get really disturbed by this.

As always, as long as the vet says he's healthy, increasing exercise levels and reducing boredom with toys and play sessions are recommended.

I hope that helps. Please keep us updated on his progress.

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