Cat not using litter box after death of our other cat

by Heath

We had two cats and one of them got a urinary obstruction. We had to put him down. Our other cat stopped pooping in the litter box they used together so we thought if we got another litter box that would help.

Wrong. Now he doesn't pee or poop in it. We can't figure out what to do.

My thoughts: I'm sorry for your loss. It's not uncommon for a cat to experience a period of depression after losing a companion. Some of them stop using the box for a period of time.

If he were my cat and I thought he was depressed and mourning the loss of his buddy, I'd make an effort to give him more attention than normal. I'd distract him more often. I would have intense play sessions with him at least twice a day, and give him more affection.

I would also let him set the pace, though, and back off if it seemed like he'd prefer not to participate or to be alone. I wouldn't make too many other changes in his life, though, and I'd keep the litter box and litter the same as what he'd always used.

To get his box habits back on track more quickly, I might consider isolation retraining, which I've mentioned quite a few times on this site. My concern with that is it might be too disruptive, so first, I'd consider using Feliway to see if it would calm him.

I hope that helps. Please let us know how he comes along.


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