Cat Names Pharoah, Egypt, and Nile

by Andrew Stanley
(Clinton, TN, United States)

Well It all started with Pharoah's father who was my first cat and he was a tuxedo cat that had a black triangle on his face. That made me think of the pyramids in Egypt so the name stuck.

I found Pharoah as he was being brought in to the local animal shelter and I knew he would make a great companion for Egypt. Egypt sort of became the father figure for the much younger energetic Pharoah...

I don't know much about breeds but I would say that Pharoah is a Domestic Shorthair. He has a very gorgeous Black coat. It gives him a nice clean cut look and I think he has a wonderful name.

Pharoah is very laid back and friendly. I have to admit he is spoiled. My family and I have enjoyed the 6 years we have had him and we hope to have many more great years to come with Pharoah.

Egypt is sadly no longer with us. We lost him back in April 2004 when he was hit by a car. We all miss him and Pharoah does too.

To keep Egypt's memory and to keep the Egyptian theme going we adopted a sweet little kitten from the same shelter that Pharoah came from... He was a sweet little kitten with a spunky personality...

He was Medium haired Grey and White in color with markings almost like a white tiger. He had ice blue eyes and grew up to be a little bit bigger than Pharoah. We adopted Nile happily in May 2006. They hit it off and became best buds.

Nile has a wonderful name like the Nile river.... The name fit like a glove. Sadly we lost Nile in August 2009 to our Neighbors OUT OF CONTROL DOG.

I am very upset with them because they said they would take their dog to a shelter and they still haven't!... With that aside we still have sweet Pharoah and we have no plans to adopt another cat just yet. Maybe we will when the neighbors decide to keep their out of control dog under control.

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Great Theme!
by: Megan Colussy

I also love naming themes, and this one is great! To add to your list of Egyptian names, I had a cat several years ago named Cairo, after the capital of Egypt :) She was a great cat.

Great names!
by: Kurt (Cat Lovers Only Admin)

Thanks for contributing to the list, Andrew. I'm sorry to hear about your losses. What a shame. Those are great names, though! I'll add them to the lists. All of them would work for all black cats, so they can go on that list, and I'll add Egypt to a tuxedo list. I'm guessing by your description that Nile was striped, like these tabby cats?

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