Cat Name Satan

by Kelly Cain
(Van Alstyne, TX)

I got Satan on October 31, 1992. He was as small as my hand when a co-worker brought him to work only to drop him at the SPCA on her way home later that day.

I felt bad for the little guy as she had been informed due to his size he'd likely be put down upon arrival. So I took him home! Loved him much, probably had another name to start though I don't recall it now.

Well his character took on a whole new name. He was a bit ornery, though we did play with him a lot... he'd chase anything! His name grew into him because he would come to us wanting love and affection, purring, etc. Then when he felt he had enough he would turn around and bite you. SO he became "Satan." We've found that his name would offend a few people, until we explained the story... though I think still a bit off putting.

He is a pure solid black cat, at least at that time... now with a little more salt & pepper here it is now May 2011 he'll be 19 yrs old in Oct. & though a bit more blind, slow, nicer, & puts up with my 9 yr old daughter always picking him up... he's still our "little old man" a.k.a. Satan!!

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Thank you!
by: Kurt (Admin)

Thanks for adding to our names list, Kelly, and sharing your story about Satan. And thank you for rescuing this kitty and giving him a good home for so many years!

by: Catcalls

Enjoyed that little story very much! He is a lucky kitty to have gone from being destined to euthanasia to being taken into euphoria!

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