Cat Name Olympia from Omaha

by Andrea
(Omaha, NE, USA)

He (yes, he!) joined our family in 1988, an Olympic year. When he was very small, we kept him in a hallway to prevent him from getting lost and help him adjust to his new home.

Almost the first thing he did was climb on some shelves and jump off the end. Deciding this was great fun, he went back and did it again. And again.

Ergo, "Olympia".

He was a cap-and-saddle (tuxedo) cat, but had some Siamese in him somewhere. He was vocal, with that distinct Siamese yowl.

My mom had whole conversations with him. ("What's up?" "Maa." "Is that so?" "Maa." "Really!" "Maa.") He liked to ambush my legs, usually when I was wearing a nightgown.

He lived to be sixteen.

Editor's note: Thanks, Andrea, for sharing some tidbits about Olympia with us!

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